• Virtual Mission Concert


    Total donations £3500


    Thank you very much to everyone for making it such an exciting and worthwhile evening.


    To see a video of the concert, click on the link below

  • Programme

    Compère - Charles Fillingham

    Technical Director - Al Roseweir


    Hannah Webster

    Jolene - Dolly Parton

    Caz and Lucy Heath

    Allegro by Devienne,

    Lizzy Fillingham

    George ….

    Carol and Alice Winterburn

    Now and For Always from Lord of the Rings

    Joey Roseweir

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    Jeremy Davies


    Deborah Wells

    Maybe This Time - from Cabaret

    Helen Draper

    How the Rhinoceros Got His Skin


    Marie's Wedding

    Sarah Winterburn

    La Mer - Charles Trenet


    Jack and Sarah Winterburn – their story


    --------- Short break --------



    Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry

    David Lawton

    "Another Side of ...."

    Lucie Stranack and Hannah Keresey

    You and I by Ingrid Michaelson

    Sheridan Lloyd

    You're Welcome from the film Moana


    Daniel Spargo-Mabbs – his story


    ---------- Short break ----------


    Tim and Fiona Spargo-Mabbs

    Psalm 23

    Jocelyn Coates

    Au bord de l'eau by Fauré

    Ann Hubble

    Allegro by Joseph-Hector Fiocco

    Richard Mash

    The Dambusters March by Eric Coates


    I Can't Help Falling in Love With You




  • This year's Missions


    Jack and Sarah Winterburn

    Jack's family has played a big part in Emmanuel life for many years and it was no surprise that Jack was in one of the first teams to go to Moldova. After a few visits he became more involved and started to spend practically the whole of his summer holiday there, serving the church and helping with the children's work. At university he was a member of Kings Church in Durham and joined their intern programme before becoming a teacher. His long term vision, however, is to become a missionary, so last year, he and his wife, Sarah, spent a term at All Nations Bible College. They have a little boy called Ben and the whole family will be moving to Tours in France within the next few months. They will be working alongside other missionaries in a church that was planted 20 year ago. They want to encourage French Christians and reach French people with the gospel.

    The Daniel Spargo-Mabbs Foundation is a drug and alcohol education charity that aims to support young people to make safe choices about drugs and alcohol and reduce harm.

    Daniel was a popular teenager and very much a part of all the youth activities at Emmanuel. Then one night, he went to a rave with friends and took some ecstasy.

    The Foundation was set up in January 2014 by Tim and Fiona Spargo-Mabbs in response to Daniel's death at the age of 16.

    The charity works with young people, parents, teachers and professionals, in schools, colleges and communities across the UK, through an evidence-based programme of drugs education. They deliver workshops to students, training to teachers and other professionals, workshops for parents, and a Youth Ambassador programme for older teens. They provide planning and resources for teachers to deliver drugs education throughout secondary school, and they fund an annual Theatre in Education tour of the verbatim play written by Mark Wheeller which tells Dan’s story, and has huge impact.

  • Ideas for concert snacks

    No chance of a picnic on the lawn, so try some of these snacks. There is no need to rush to eat before the concert. Prepare some concert snacks and enjoy a meal in front of your screen.

    Chicken goujons and dip

    A small pack of goujons from Sainsbury's will cost about £1.60 and you will just need to heat them up in the oven.

    A bottle of Newman's Own blue cheese dressing will cost £1.75 and this will make an ideal accompaniment.

    Carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus

    A 200g tub of classic hummus from Sainsbury's costs £1.20. Make sure the sticks of carrot and cucumber are thin and you will easily be able to nibble this until the interval.

    Crackers and cheese

    Buy some of your favourite cheeses and a few grapes to make a luxury cheeseboard. A packet of Tuc crackers from Sainsbury's will cost 75p and you won't need any butter with them.

    Cherry tomatoes and olives

    Get creative with this. Add a spoonful of dressing to the tomatoes and olives and a pinch of coriander for a beautiful Mediterranean salad. Perfect for a musical evening.

    Layered Picnic loaves

    This is a great way of combining the homely smell of a fresh loaf with the tastiest of salad fillings.

    Click on the photo to see a recipe for this.

    Giant Sausage Roll

    If you've got some puff pastry in the freezer, you can make a professional looking sausage roll that will be a treat for the whole family.

    Click on the photo to see a recipe for this.

    Snack ideas from Buffets by Design

    Buffets by Design is a top quality local firm that has strong links with Emmanuel. When Covid restrictions allow, they will take care of the catering for Christenings, weddings, funerals and functions of all kinds.

    Click on the picture for more information.

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